• Airport terminal
  • Airport departure lounge
  • Underground hydro-electric station with access tunnels
  • Warehouse evacuation using EVAC
  • Ventilation in mine
  • Smoke control in circular lobby
  • Underground hydro-electric station with access tunnels
  • HIgh bay sprinklers
  • Fire spread in high bay storage
  • Changing elevators in a sky lobby with Pathfinder
  • A pressurized stairwell
  • Water vapour from industrial processes

Welcome to the modelling shop. This area is where the models are built so hard hats and safety shoes are required.


Turn-key FDS models

Fire Dynamics Simulator models with the option to model evacuations.

Trouble-shooting your models

Helping you to get going when you are stuck with a modelling problem.

Peer Review

Peer review of fire and evacuation models.


Custom training for those creating models and those reviewing them.