Distance Education

Distance Education Supervised Project

Dave has been offering a distance education course on FDS through Seneca College on FDS since 2003. that has been taken by an international audience of fire protection engineers. Having retired from Seneca in 2014 it has been difficult to continue to offer the course through Seneca, and it is now being offered here.

Please note that this is a distance education course, and not an internet based course. I send you a manual with a variety of exercises and a number of files to work with. You work at your own pace, and we communicate by email or Skype etc. The course walks you throught the steps in builidng a model from the beginning. It has a description of each step as well as sectons to read in the FDS Users Guide. There are small exercises illustrating each specific element as they are discussed.

You will also choose something to model from your own engineering practice. This should not be a current project. Some people try and take the course and apply it immediately to a real project they are currently working on. That is a situation where a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. The course will take you to the point of an advanced beginner. It takes lots of modelling to become competent, and acquire judgement.

At the moment, the course does not explicitly teach PyroSim, however, it does include a 6 month license for PyroSim. Participants are encouraged to build their project using PyroSim.

Fee, $900 USD